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Governance and Policies


The Windsor Forest Colleges Group Corporation is the overarching body that governs Langley College, BCA, Strode’s College, and Windsor College. The Corporation was formed following the formal merger between East Berkshire College and Strode’s College in Egham on 9 May 2017 and then the subsequent merger with BCA (Berkshire College of Agriculture) on 1 August 2022.  The Corporation Board, which is a non-executive board, meets at key stages throughout the academic year.

Terms of reference of all committees and minutes of meetings for this academic year can be accessed via the links below.

For more information about the Corporation, its structure, meeting dates and agendas, please contact Tracy Reeve, Director of Governance at

Members of Corporation

Members of the board of governors on the steps of Hall Place, BCA

  • Angela Wellings (Chair)

  • Pippa Goodwin (Vice Chair)

  • Rob Lewis (Vice Chair)

  • Gillian May (Group Principal & CEO)

  • Peter Tyndale

  • Anthony Haines

  • Stuart Taylor

  • Tina Coates

  • Kiran Virdee

  • Mobolaji Alabi

  • Nathan Garat

  • Paul Britton

  • Sam Foley

  • Signe Sutherland

  • Ian Thomson

  • Jo Croft

  • Alison Wheatley (Staff Governor)

  • Natalie Viola (Staff Governor)

  • Janet Robertson (Staff Governor)

Governor Vacancies

We are looking for individuals from the local community to join our Board of Governors and would be delighted to receive applications for the role of Governor.

Policies & Procedures:

Exam Policies

Terms of Reference:

Strategic Documents:

Financial Statements

UCAS Statement

Student Voice Statement