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Langley College’s incredible contribution to supporting the local community during the pandemic lockdown, was recognised this week by the Worshipful the Mayor of Slough, Councillor Preston Brooker. The Major and Mayoress visited Langley College to present Group Principal and CEO Kate Webb and Gurpreet Nizzar, who led the outreach work, with a Certificate of Recognition for ‘the work done to save lives, keep people safe and stop the spread of Covid-19.’


When the country was put in lockdown in March, Langley College put itself at the heart of the local response by supporting the vulnerable in the Slough community. Opening up the teaching kitchens, our staff led the effort to produce 99,290 hot meals and goody bags which were then distributed by community organisation, Slough Outreach. Langley College was also designated the One Slough Community Response Hub, used to sort, store and dispatch food throughout the community, and was the base for the Virtual Call Centre.


Commenting on the contribution the College made during lockdown, Kate Webb said: “We are very proud that our resources were put to such valuable use and our staff were able to also play their part in supporting our local community. I must congratulate Gurpreet and his team for their unstinting commitment in ensuring the most vulnerable in Slough and beyond were expertly catered for. We are honoured to receive this certificate from the Mayor, who we sincerely thank for taking the time to visit us today.”

While at the College to present the certificate, the Mayor and Mayoress were given a tour of the training kitchens where Gurpreet, Head of Lettings and his team were based during the lockdown.  Gurpreet, who was on the frontline from the beginning, said: “We are enormously proud to have been in the position to support Slough Outreach. Instead of standing empty, our professional catering facilities, college staff and a team of volunteers worked tirelessly to bring healthy, home cooked food to the vulnerable in Slough.”


The overall initiative was delivered as a partnership between Slough Borough Council, Slough CVS and voluntary sector groups throughout Slough.  Gurpreet concludes: “What was so heartening is that this partnership clearly demonstrated the unique spirit and the strong community commitment to do good and make a difference in the borough.”



LIVE UPDATE: 18th August 2020

Strode’s and Windsor Colleges are celebrating the strength, resilience and achievement of the class of 2020 as the A Level and BTEC results are unveiled. Our Sixth Form students have once again delivered an impressive performance with a third year of successive improvements. With a 99.7% overall pass rate (A*- E) for the combined Sixth Form - the 2020 results have demonstrated the high academic standards at both Strode's and Windsor Colleges. High grades (A*-B) have also increased by an impressive 16% to 52% and A*-C is now above 80% representing an increase of 18% on 2019. 

BTEC Level 3 results (the equivalent of three A levels) were also consistently high, matching the trend of 100% pass rates across both colleges for yet another year.

CEO and Group Principal Kate Webb commented: “These results are a huge recognition of the incredible achievement of our A Level and BTEC students who have shown such grit and determination during the lockdown imposed on them by the pandemic. They have triumphed in the most extreme of circumstances, having found the resilience to remain focussed on their studies and committed to their final goal. They are the class of 2020 and I hope they wear that badge with pride and honour.”

She continued: “We have seen an incredibly strong performance across the Sixth Form, with an increase in overall pass rates at both colleges representing a 2% improvement for Strode's and an impressive 5% improvement at Windsor. Our quality improvement agenda is shining through with a marked increase in high grades and a stronger profile of A* and A grades than ever before. We have been scrupulous in our grading and the cross moderation of grades that underpins these outstanding results.”

Thomas Darcy

Thomas Darcy is heading to the University of Oxford with his A*A*AA in Classical Civilisation, English Literature, Geography and the Extended Project Qualification Commenting on his results and his time at Strode’s, he said: “I’m really pleased with my results. It’s been a strange time so it’s a huge relief to finally get my results so I can progress and take my place at Oxford.”

Nathan Gage

After receiving an offer from the University of Oxford, grade A student Nathan Gage had a change of plan and is now heading to the Ivy League, Princeton University in the United States. He achieved an incredible A*A*A*A for Maths, Physics, Economics and the EPQ. Nathan is heading stateside to study Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering. Commenting on his time at Strode’s he said: “Because of the A*spire Programme I was inspired by the tutors to explore all of my options and now I am excited to heading to the states and Princeton University!”

David Jackman

David Jackman swept the board with  A*A*AA in  Maths, Further Maths, Computer Science and Physics is heading to the  University of Warwick to study Discrete Mathematics, said: “I am very happy with my results and looking forward to going to the University of Warwick. Strode’s has been a very good college and I have really enjoyed my time here.”

Emma Lambert

Windsor College has noticed a marked shift in its high grades. Top performer Emma Lambert was over the moon with her grades in Maths, Further Maths, Photography and Physics which has secured her place at University of Bath to study Maths. Commenting on her time at Windsor she said: "I am so thankful for the support provided by Windsor College. There is no doubt that if it wasn't for Steve, my Maths tutor, I would not be going to the University of Bath to study Maths."

Mia Harris

Humanities stood out this year with Mia Harris achieving AAA in Business, Sociology and English Language which sees her off to University College London to study Linguistics: “I’m really pleased with my results and looking forward to going to the University College London to study Linguistics,” she said.

Rubika Latif

Rubika Latif joined her with an impressive A*A* in Politics and History plus a top performance in English Literature commenting: “I am delighted with my results and excited to be going to the University of Birmingham to study Law. All my teachers at Windsor College have invested a lot of time into helping me reach my full potential throughout my A Levels.”

Ms Webb acknowledged the great support provided to students by the dedicated team of staff who adapted quickly to lockdown and used great innovation and creativity in their teaching methods. She said: “I need to applaud my colleagues whose commitment to keeping students on track and motivated has been inspiring. They have harnessed the latest in technology and been incredibly creative in their delivery of lessons and learning materials.”

She continued: “It has been a momentous year in many ways, starting with our resounding endorsement by Ofsted in November, which rated all three colleges in the group as GOOD. We have then moved on to deliver all of our programmes remotely and secure an impressive suite of results as evidenced today. Alongside this we have been preparing for a safe return to college – ensuring we protect the future of our young people, so they are not disadvantaged in their future endeavours. I am proud of each and every one of our students and the tenacity they have shown to succeed.”  

For those getting their GCSE results on 20 August, the college staff will be online manning a live chat line to help answer any queries and take late applications.


Please see the information below about receiving your results on 13th August.

Individual subject results will be emailed to your college email address between 08:00 - 08:30 on Thurs 13th August.

You will also be able to access a statement of results from 08:00 on the same day. This will be available on Pro-Portal via the links at the bottom of the ‘my attendance and punctuality page’ it will show all available results on one document. It is recommended that you download and save this document for your records while waiting for certificates.

Unfortunately we will not be able to offer postage or collection of physical results this summer but if you have any issues accessing your results please email or call the exams office on 01753 793286  or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

How have results been awarded?

The College has followed Ofqual guidance on how to make a fair and objective judgement of the grade we believe you would have achieved if you sat your exams this year.

Read this important letter from Ofqual about how the grades have been awarded this summer and the appeals process. Click here

View JCQ's Video - A Guide To Exam Awarding 2020

Support, information and guidance after results day?

The exams Moodle page here is live with all relevant support information including appeals and enquiries about results, please ensure you check it for the latest information and support available.

Some departmental staff including heads of departments will be available by phone and email on and around results days.

There are a number of helplines available to you which are open from A level results day until a week after GCSE results day:

For queries about your results or grades:

Exams Office Hotline - 01753 793286 (9am - 4pm, Mon -Fri)

For help and advice about your next steps:

Careers Hotline - 01753 793337 (9:30am - 2.30pm, Mon - Fri)

Other Enquiries (Student Services) – 01784 228606 (9am - 4pm, Mon - Fri)

Other helpful numbers:

National Careers Service Exam Results Hotline - 0800100900
UCAS Clearing Hotline - 03714680468


We opened up an important conversation this month. An online group of students and staff, chaired by our MP for Slough, Tan Dhesi, came forward to discuss and debate what Black Lives Matter means to them, what it has taught them and the role the College has to play and what it can do over the next academic year.

Commenting on the importance of creating the Black Lives Matter conversation, Principal and CEO Kate Webb said: “We want to create lasting change. As proud as we are of our track record we recognise this needs to be an ongoing conversation in order to sustain effective and meaningful change. Our thanks therefore to Irma Richardson who wrote to me and inspired us to provide and facilitate a safe space for this discussion and debate.”

Setting the scene chair Tan Dhesi commented on the need to counter discrimination and prejudice, saying: “It is important that we use this defining moment as an opportunity to change our thinking for the better.  Discrimination and prejudice can present themselves at any stage of life and in any circumstance. We need to harness the ability of youth to implement rapid change.”

What Black Lives Matter means to me

The online forum agreed that discrimination occurs in all settings which has been brought to a head with Black Lives Matter. Finding a collective way forward means learning to actively interrogate habits and the structural norms, and in particular doing this even when not directly or personally affected.

Delegates likened the challenge as similar to the Me Too movement with structural injustices needing to be removed from society. They agreed that education in its widest sense will be key, with more work required beyond the classroom and a sustained approach to open up the debate, continue the conversation and reach the harder to teach such as the older generations.

What the Black Lives Matter movement taught me

This is going to, and needs to be, an ongoing conversation. Historical change is taking place and Black Lives Matter is no longer about one group fighting for their own rights with people from other communities now joining the movement.

The forum recognised that there needs to be a way to find the language and common understanding to comfortably discuss and address the matter and to be tolerant of those trying to find the right language to use.

It is also important to acknowledge that we might not be as knowledgeable as we thought we were, in the ways we should be. The forum discussed the need to build awareness and understanding on top of what we thought we knew. Work through the language barriers and address unconscious bias.

Going forward affinity group case studies will help look at the issues on a deeper level and here at the College there is an understanding that the curriculum will need to change to face our nation’s realities and collective diverse history.

The role the College will play and actions to be taken

As our Principal and CEO Kate Webb has previously said “Black Lives Matter is about education” and as a group of colleges with a diverse learning community there is much that can and will be done to create lasting change.

We are committed to teaching a curriculum which covers a diverse globalised history and we will look for ways to diversify and identify gaps in the curriculum. We need to educate and train in the correct use of language and terminology.

It is important to keep these discussions going after the trending and recognise that there is and will be diversity of opinion. We will identify missing voices in our curriculum and give space within the curriculum to facilitate conversations.

Student outcomes remain a top priority. We will gather student data across our three Colleges to establish if there are any variances in achievement rates across the College group for various groups.

Kate Webb concludes: “This has been a powerful conversation. We are committed to identifying equalities and providing student support for those affected by racism or discrimination. We will train our staff so they can confidently lead these conversations in a skilled way and we will develop both staff and Governors from varying backgrounds within the College.”

The conversation is set to continue with delegates agreeing it is important to keep momentum going by making the meeting a regular event.

Missed out on joining us for our recent series of virtual events? Don’t worry – you can still explore all of our colleges, watch all the videos and presentations here.

For each of our colleges, Langley, Strode’s and Windsor, you’ll find a selection of presentations, tours and subject area videos introducing you to the colleges and the courses on offer.

To help prospective students prepare for starting in September we have also created a useful directory of Year 11 resources. Take a look at the courses you are interested in or have already applied for to discover more and explore the subject/s in more depth.

Langley College – Summer Work and Resources

Strode’s College – Summer Work and Resources

Windsor College – Summer Work and Resources

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