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Success in Strode’s College Annual Law Mooting Competition

News overview

Strode’s College recently witnessed the culmination of its highly anticipated annual Law mooting competition, where legal minds converged to engage in a thrilling battle of wits. The final featured a captivating showdown between two dynamic teams – George and Bethany against Yasmin and Aurora – as they delved into the intricacies of the case of R v Jones [2023], an appeal against a murder conviction.

The case focused on the defences of loss of control and self-defence, with each team presenting compelling arguments to sway the judgment in their favor. The proceedings were overseen by a distinguished panel, including Law teacher Duncan Bunce and practising barrister Lauren Bovington, who meticulously evaluated the legal acumen and persuasive skills of the competing teams.

In a closely contested final, congratulations are in order for George and Bethany, who emerged victorious. Their triumph not only reflects their mastery of legal principles but also underscores the high standards of legal education and advocacy fostered at Strode’s College. The annual Law mooting competition continues to be a platform for nurturing the next generation of legal professionals, providing students with invaluable practical experience and a taste of the courtroom drama. Well done to all participants for their dedication and commendable performances!

Posted October 12, 2023