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Langley College Level 3 Learners Collaborate on Electric Vehicle Project for House of Commons

News overview

Level 3 learners from BCA and Langley College have been actively engaged in a significant project for the House of Commons, working alongside Baroness Parminter. The project focuses on gathering data about young people and their use of electric vehicles, exploring their perspectives and behaviours.

These dedicated learners have been involved in various activities, contributing valuable insights for the project. Recently, Baroness Parminter visited Langley College, where she not only interacted with the students but also delivered an inspiring talk about her role and emphasized the influential role young people can play in their local communities and government decisions.

Baroness Parminter’s visit left a lasting impact, motivating and inspiring all the learners involved in the project. Their enthusiasm for the initiative was palpable, and they are eagerly anticipating a visit to the House of Commons in the New Year.

Posted December 27, 2023