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Street Law Clinic inspires Strode’s and Windsor Law students

A Level Law students from Strode’s and Windsor Colleges have been given the inside track on law careers following an interactive Street Law Clinic. The workshop, delivered by Royal Holloway, University of London’s Law Department, was designed to help students plan their futures with a focus on legal career paths and employability options.

Commenting on the value of the Street Law Clinic, Duncan Bunce, Course Leader for Law at Strode's College, said: "This excellent talk really helped students question why they are interested in the subject, the different jobs linked to it and career options available. It really isn't just a binary choice of wanting to become a solicitor or barrister if you do law, with nothing else possible. We saw that law can involve the police, paralegals, legal secretaries, academia, in-house lawyers and a lot more in between.”

The Street Law Clinic is part of the Legal Advice Centre at Royal Holloway. The student volunteering outreach scheme enables the University’s Law students to support the community by providing legal workshops which are delivered under the supervision of qualified legal professionals or academic members of staff. This free advice and information can range from the various legal career paths to specific areas of the law.

Nicola Antoniou, Director of the Legal Advice Centre at the Royal Holloway said: “The Careers in Law workshop provided our Street Law student volunteers with an exciting opportunity to work with the A level students at Strode’s and Windsor Colleges. The interactive workshop was a great way to raise awareness about the various different pathways and professions in law. I was really impressed with the level of enthusiasm and engagement from all students involved!

“Our Street Law student volunteers really look forward to delivering more workshops to the Windsor Forest Colleges Group.”

Over 45 students across both colleges attended the clinic with Strode's student Sophia Nevin commenting: "The talk was educational and interactive and showed that the law has many dimensions and isn't just writing and one-sided. The Clinic has helped me know which field of law to now go down." 

Strode’s and Windsor Colleges have long enjoyed a close working relationship with Royal Holloway, University of London. The Colleges and University curriculum departments regularly collaborate with guest lectures and access to each venue. The University also provides support with the Strode’s Aspire Programme, university applications and delivers a number of talks on the UCAS process.

To discover more about studying Law at either Strode’s or Windsor colleges, please go to

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