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Students unite over Global Acts of Unity

Students from Langley College were given a unique insight in fighting hate following a visit from Mike Haines from Global Acts of Unity. Mike delivered two powerful sessions, inspiring students to make positive changes in their behaviour and attitudes.

Mike set up Global Acts of Unity in order to take a stand against hate following the death of his younger brother David Haines, a British Aid worker in Syria, who was murdered by ISIS. Mike, who dedicates his time to meeting young people across the country, said: “If I hate the people who killed my brother, they win. I will not let hatred enter my life. I will fight to my dying breath against the fear and discord they seek to instil in us. This is now my path in life. This is why I created Global Acts of Unity.”

Students attended Mike’s session which they described as emotionally exhausting, uplifting and thought-provoking. Commenting on the experience Tutor Joanne Fyfe said: “Students left the session inspired and invigorated to make a positive change. Mike’s story has had a profound effect on all who were fortunate to attend. The power of Mike’s words will reverberate with our students for a long time to come and the over-riding message is one of hope; that together we can overcome division and hatred.”

Long after Mike’s session had ended, students were keen to continue talking about what they had experienced and how it made them feel, reflecting on what they themselves will now do differently.

Mike visits schools and college to share his powerful message. He shows how by reaching out and talking to someone from a different faith or background, the walls that terrorists seek to build can be broken down. “If each and every one of us can open our minds, hearts and arms to other communities we do not understand, then we can only grow closer and our resistance to intolerance and hate grows stronger,” he said.

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