Top Teaching Examples

We continue to see some great examples of innovative teaching and learning from our staff and students including:

  • Online exercise and dance videos - to have access to exercise, for their physical and mental wellbeing for an example, click here 
  • #StayAtHomeChallenge from Liam Feeney (Blackpool FC midfielder and Ex-Langley College Student) click here to watch
  • Our Level 3 Beauty Students are ‘practising back massage techniques’ for Unit 305 Provide Body Massage via remote learning click here to watch
  • Many of our Access to HE students are currently working on the frontline in the NHS, social care and in schools. With 24/7 access to their learning resources online they are able to continue to study their course while being able to fulfil their roles as these important key workers. 
  • Demonstrations of knot tying from our Level 3 Public Services students click here to watch
  • Level 3 Personal Training students completing workouts at home as part of home learning click here to watch
  • Level 2 Barbering showcasing facial hair cutting click here to watch

Working From Home

Working from home means that we are reimagining the way we work so that teaching and learning can continue. When working from home you will need access to your Email as this will be the main form of communication used by your teachers for curriculum and core studies, over the coming weeks.

To access your College email please go to and sign in with your College Email and password.

Remember what makes a great student!

VISION: Just because you are working at home, doesn’t mean that your vision changes. Focus on your long term goals. The next few weeks may be challenging but short.

EFFORT: We expect you to spend exactly the same time learning remotely as you have done while in college. Lessons are set for you – make sure you know how your teachers will communicate with you and complete the work that is set.

SYSTEMS: We are using a wide range of tools to help you access learning; GOOGLE CLASSROOM; MOODLE; EMAIL; ESTREAM; TEAMS. Make sure that you have access to every system that you will need over the coming weeks. You can access all of these easily by logging by going to and clicking the appropriate tile.

PRACTICE: Year 1 students will still be assessed. You must make sure that you are practicing the skills you have learned so far this year. Past papers are loaded on to Moodle and exam board sites for all courses. Make sure you are completing these and revising for your examinations.

ATTITUDE: Change is difficult but you are strong and resilient. The way you manage your time and energies over the next few weeks will determine how successful you are moving forwards. Make positive choices, use all resources available to you and keep in touch!

You can also access a range of other resources to support your learning on-line:


For information on how to access eBooks from home click the link here.

Online Study Skills Resources

A range of different online study skills tools, resources and information can be found on Moodle.

Click the Study Skills Icon on the Moodle homepage to access a wide range of different resources including revision techniques, time management, assignment writing, referencing and much more.

Study Skills Icon

Help or Advice?

If you need further help or would like to book an online 1:1 with one of the Learning Centre team email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Our staff can guide you through many of our online course, help you structure your work and provide general study support.

Free Software

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