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Topics and skills taught:

  • Practical and theory-based courses
  • Keep bees successfully by understanding the species and their natural behaviour
  • Discover how to manage and get the best from them
  • Finding and marking the Queen
student at beehive with honeycomb
Students with beehives

Why study Beekeeping?

Bees are not only essential to the environment (60% of food plants depend on honey bees for pollination) but these highly sophisticated insects are also a real pleasure to keep.

Our theoretical and practical courses are suitable for the beginner through to the experienced beekeeper and will help you discover the joys of keeping bees.

Taster Sessions

We offer 2 hour taster sessions, either in the morning or afternoon, where you will find out what it’s like to stand in front of an open hive of bees and see what’s going on.

Classroom-Based Course

Our part-time evening classroom-based course lasts for 5 weeks and will help you to discover how to manage and get the best from bees.

Practical Courses

Our part-time afternoon and evening practical courses last for 8 weeks and are ideal programmes for those who want to develop confidence and experience at handling bees.

Additional Information

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Beekeeping courses