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Introduction to Studio Lighting, Photography and Video


Course Overview

This is a beginner level course for those who need to create great ecommerce products, photographs and fabulous video content, either for their own personal projects or for industry.
You will explore the fascinating world of top-level professional photography and filmmaking. Making use of the techniques that until recently, one could only dream of, as we are proud to announce, that our college now boasts state of the art, full film making studios that would cost thousands to hire per day, and if you sign up to this course you will using top-class equipment such as Blackmagic’s and Red Raptor! Professional Lenses and MIMIK and Virtual Production lighting along with our brand-new Volume. You will use cutting edge techniques and equipment, you’ll discover the tools, strategies, and collaborations involved in producing high-quality videography and cinematography.
You will, by the end of this course know the fundamentals of the professional lighting world, ready for potentially, Broadcast or Film work.

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Tue, 26 Nov 2024

Entry Requirements

This course is open to keen amateurs, or people wanting to use state of the art equipment, or those hoping to seek employment within this industry.

Course information

ver wondered why your content, be it stills, photographs or video doesn’t quite hit the mark, then it is probably to do with poor lighting. In this course you will learn about all the different forms or lighting, the benefits of different lighting and the use of controlled lighting.
This course will take you from complete beginner or enthusiast to a position of being confident with the use of lighting to enhance your own personal projects, or indeed for use within your own business, or for a career in the industry.
You will learn:
– How the position of lighting affects a photograph
– How to create mood lighting and flattering shadows
– How different lighting conditions and sources change colours in the image, and how to rectify this
– How to use basic concepts to take more control over both natural and artificial light

20 hours, one evening a week for 10 weeks

Class based but mainly in our brand new Virtual Production studios.

This is not an accredited course – it does not lead to a formal qualification.
Each student’s progression is rewarded through teacher assessment

Photography, videography, cinema ology, content creation, Ecommerce relevant for Advertising and Design Agencies, for broadcasting and the film industry

To an intermediate course with Windsor college