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ALFIE – Devolping Numeracy Life Skills


Course Overview

This course will cover topics such as time, money, budgeting, measuring and will teach Maths based around the life skills of travel training, budgeting, giving change, cooking. These topics will be taught using practical work together with classroom based learning.

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Start Time


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End Date

Thu, 03 Jul 2025

Entry Requirements

What you need (entry requirements): The ability to recognise read and write numbers up to 20, to recognise mathematical symbols +,-,=, and to use this...

Course information

The course will include role-playing activities, in which learners will need to use their mathematical skills. This will prepare them to use the knowledge they have gained in practical everyday life. We will make extensive use of physical resources, manipulatives and visuals to support our learners’ understanding.

Start date Thursday 7th September 2023
End Date Thursday 4th July 2024
Start Time 09.00am
End Time 11.00am

Location: BCA