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ALFIE – Developing Work and Life Skills


Course Overview

The aim of this course is to start to enhance life and work skills students may already have to prepare them to live independently or look for employment. This course is set at a slower pace than the advanced course and aimed at lower reading and writing abilities.

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Tue, 01 Jul 2025

Entry Requirements

Students will have guided learning on differentiated levels from Entry 1 – To Entry 3.

Students should be confident to carry out some basic wri...

Course information

Through the course topics, they will learn about being healthy, keeping safe, first aid, personal and home hygiene, money and budgeting skills, and travel safely.

36 Weeks From September 2023 to July 2024

Through work experience in the college shop and on the grounds, students will build confidence and gain work experience to assist them in looking for a job. Classroom-based work skills will help students to learn to complete application forms, produce a CV, and prepare them for an interview. The students will also have an opportunity to access the ALFIE job coaching program to assist with looking for voluntary work or employment.

There will be some trips to consolidate the learning and to see other people at work.

Students will all follow a Learning Criteria delivered over the year, assessments will be through tutor lead practical, classroom based activities and observations in class.

Entry Level NONE Non regulated Adult skills formula funded provision, Entry Level, Preparation for Work, 69 to 92 hrs, PW A

Our Job coach will be on hand to support you to find relevant work experience either onsite or in your community. This could be in retail, hospitality, working with animals or within the service industry .

All of our courses are aimed to support students develop their employability skills and life skills. Where courses are set a different levels you may which to progress onto the higher level the following year.

This course could lead you to gain some form of meaningful employment.

Entry level