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A Level Geography

  • LEVEL 3
cultural geography ALFIE course

Course Overview

Are you interested in today’s world? Do you want to find out more about topical issues currently in the news – topics such as river flooding, coastal management, problems of rapid population growth and the environmental impact of energy production? Then geography is the subject for you! This stimulating subject builds on knowledge gained at GCSE Level.

This is an ideal course to investigate a range of current global problems, develop your research skills and experience fieldwork in a variety of locations. Analyse information in graphical, photographic and cartographic formats. For example water and carbon cycle, hazards, coasts, changing places, global systems and governance and resource security.

Course Code


End Date

Fri, 26 Jun 2026

Entry Requirements

Requires GCSEs in English language or English literature at grade 5, maths at grade 4 and geography at grade 5 if
taken, plus the standard entry r...

Course information

Geography can be divided into two main branches: Human Geography is a social science that studies how humans interact with the planet. Physical Geography is a branch of earth science, which looks at the natural elements of the world, including the atmosphere, land and oceans.

2 Years

Two exams of two hours and 30 minutes taken in the summer of the second year, each worth 40% of the final grade, plus a coursework component worth 20% based on the fieldwork carried out locally and on the residential trip.

Level 3 AQA GCE A Level in Geography

University, career or an apprenticeship

Level 3