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Langley College Hosts Top Chef Luciana Berry for Masterclass

News overview

Langley College’s Chefs’ Forum Academy buzzed with culinary excitement as Hospitality and Catering students welcomed the esteemed Luciana Berry, Winner of Top Chef Brasil and Semi-finalist on MasterChef UK. The occasion? A captivating masterclass focused on the art of preparing an exquisite oxtail stew. This collaboration offered students an unparalleled opportunity to learn from one of the industry’s best, immersing them in the techniques and flavours that define gourmet cooking.

Under Luciana Berry’s expert guidance, students actively participated in crafting the delectable oxtail stew, gaining practical insights into the meticulous process. The atmosphere was electric as questions flowed, creating an engaging and inspiring learning environment. The masterclass not only provided a gastronomic experience but also showcased Langley College’s commitment to hands-on learning and exposure to industry experts.

As students bid farewell to Luciana Berry, they carried with them not just a taste for exceptional oxtail stew but also a heightened appreciation for culinary craftsmanship.

Posted January 28, 2023