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Industry Insight: Guest Speaker Enhances Langley College’s Hair and Beauty Session

News overview

Level 1 Hair and Beauty student recently received a special visit from Raman Athwal, an expert from True Beauty Salon. The session began with an insightful presentation that recapped the key learnings of the course, emphasizing the importance of presenting a professional image and delivering top-notch beauty services. This comprehensive overview aimed to reinforce the foundational skills acquired by the students during their coursework.

Following the presentation, Raman Athwal treated the students to a live demonstration of eyebrow threading, showcasing one of the professional services offered in salons. This hands-on display not only provided a practical understanding of beauty techniques but also allowed the students to witness industry-standard practices in action. Having a seasoned professional like Raman Athwal as a guest speaker enriched the students’ learning experience, offering valuable insights into potential career paths and employment opportunities within the beauty industry.

The presence of industry professionals in educational settings is a testament to Langley College’s commitment to providing students with real-world exposure and preparing them for success in their chosen fields.

Posted April 19, 2023