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Spanish Intermediate

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Course Overview

This course is for you, if you have already studied the language for about 2 years.
By the end of this course, you should be able to engage in conversation with a native speaker with confidence and to feel at home using a variety of tenses and idiomatic expressions.

In addition, you will be able to write letters, make simple presentations and express opinions and preferences.

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Wed, 21 May 2025

Entry Requirements

Satisfactory completion of a Lower Intermediate (Stage 2) course or the equivalent (approx. 120 hours tuition). You should already be able to use the pr...

Course information

At Stage 3, your continuing exposure to the language will extend your language skills and begin to take you beyond the strictly basic demands of previous levels. Increased accuracy, a wider range of vocabulary, practice in using the past, present and future tenses and a greater understanding of idiomatic expressions combine to give more confidence in speaking. You should be able to take part in conversations on everyday topics with less need for repetition and explanation on the part of the native speaker.

The language you learn will enable you to:
Make arrangements
Give simple presentations
Write letters
Express preferences
Make complaints, etc.

The settings will include personal life, travel, leisure activities, the workplace etc.

30 weeks


There is no formal assessment on this course. Your teacher will discuss your progress with you on a regular basis.

Entry Level NONE Non regulated SFA formula funded provision, Entry Level, Languages, Literature and Culture of the British Isles, 45 to 68 hrs, PW A

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