General Information for Applicants

We welcome external exam candidates. From home-schooled students taking their first GCSEs to those who need to sit exams for university applications or to help them in their careers.

  • We offer GCSEs and A Levels in most subjects and also consider applications for vocational and functional skills exams.
  • We do not offer IGCSEs.
  • We do not offer access arrangements to external exam candidates.
  • We do not offer NEA, oral or practical exams, if you are applying for a subject with a NEA, oral or practical exam, you must complete this element elsewhere or previously and provide your UCI number on your application in order for us to carry forward your mark. This includes GCSE English
  • In the event of exams being cancelled, we will not be able to offer CAGs/TAGs to external exam candidates

Venue Information

All of our external exam candidates are invited to Strode’s College to sit their exams.

You will be asked to report to reception as soon as you arrive at the college. You will be issued with a visitor's pass and lanyard and are required to wear this at all times when on-site. Please return the pass and sign out when leaving.

Please notice that car parking is not available for private exam candidates in the college and if possible we would ask that you use public transport or arrange for someone to drop you off and pick you up.

November 2022 - GCSE Resits

Maths and English GCSE entries in the November 2022 series are available to students who:

  • Have previously sat a 9-1 GCSE
  • Candidates with a carry-over mark for English speaking

It is advised that students resit the exams with the same awarding body as before.

All external applicants will be sitting the exams at Strode’s College

The exams will be scheduled as below:

Date Day Exam Session
31 Oct 22 Monday GCSE English Paper 1 AM
1 Nov 22 Tuesday GCSE Maths Paper 1 AM
2 Nov 22 Wednesday GCSE English Paper 2 AM
3 Nov 22 Thursday GCSE Maths Paper 2 AM
7 Nov 22 Monday GCSE Maths Paper 3 AM

 GCSE Nov Exam Timetable

Please click on the links below to access GCSE timetables for English and Maths.


Exam timetable November 2022


Exam timetable November 2022


Exam timetable November 2022


Exam timetable November 2022

Fees are displayed below (in addition to £120 administration fee).

Awarding Body


Subject Code

Entry Fees


English Language



Foundation Maths



Higher Maths



Pearson Edexcel

English Language



Foundation Maths



Higher Maths




English Language



Foundation Maths

J560 F


Higher Maths

J560 H



English Language



Foundation Maths



Higher Maths



If you would like to proceed with your application, please click the link here or click on the box below - complete the form with the correct details and make payment no later than Tuesday 27th September 2022.

A late entry fee (x2) will apply after 27th September, and a very late entry fee (x3) will apply after 24th October 2022.

GCSE November Re-sit payments

You can pay for the resits yourself by clicking on the Cashless Payment system.

Once on the college store, please click on browse categories and in the drop-down click on Exam Entry Fees- GCSE Exams November 2022 and then click on External candidate Exam Entry Fees-Nov 22 as highlighted below: 

Picture 1

Once your payment is received, exams will contact you via email and confirm your entry followed by your personal timetable.


Contact us

You can contact the exams office via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 01753 793286

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