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ALFIE – Accessing Your Community


Course Overview

This course is all about accessing the community, being in touch with local people, meeting people and developing friendships. Students will explore how to keep themselves and others safe.

They will also learn how to access the local amenities safely and confidently. They will learn how to plan a visit, budget, arrange transport and look out for hazards that they may encounter, reflecting once they return on how they would improve their planning next time.

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Start Time


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End Date

Fri, 04 Jul 2025

Entry Requirements

This course will be aimed towards a higher ability to promote independence when planning their own trips out.

Students should be confident to ca...

Course information

You will study what amenities there are in your area and how to access these safely and efficiently whilst developing your social communication abilities with your peers and out in the community.

36 Weeks From September 2023 to July 2024

These topics will be taught with classroom based learning and activities and whilst regularly visiting local amenities.

Students will all follow a Learning Criteria delivered over the year, assessments will be through tutor lead practical, classroom based activities and observations in class.

Entry Level NONE Non regulated SFA formula funded provision, Entry Level, Foundations for Learning and Life, 101 to 196 hrs, PW A

All of our courses are aimed to support students develop their employability skills and life skills. Where courses are set a different levels you may which to progress onto the higher level the following year.

Entry level

-You may be required to bring money for refreshments and activities for example Bowling.