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Faith, Belief and Respect

Windsor Forest Colleges Group (consisting of Langley College, Strode’s College and Windsor College) is a secular institution, providing teaching and learning to young people and adults from a wide range of backgrounds and faiths.

We recognise the diverse nature of our local populations and warmly welcome applications from students of all faiths or none.

The College Group is a place of work and study. Its policies, mission and values aim to create the best possible learning environment and progression opportunities for all students from all local communities. The Colleges Group has in place robust equal opportunities policies, which ensure that there will be no discrimination against any individual or group, regardless of religion or belief, ethnicity, sex, sexual orientation, or any other protected characteristic.

As a way of ensuring equality of opportunity, the College Group is managed as a secular environment, meaning it does not endorse any religion, faith or culture. This enables the College Group to be as fair as possible in its treatment of students.

The College Group’s policies apply to College life and are not intended to impact on the lives of students outside College.

The College has a Faith and Belief Reference Group that is made up of representatives from a variety of faiths and beliefs. Membership is drawn from College staff and students and there is external representation from local faith and belief leaders. As well as the faiths that each of the team represent, they can provide contact details for other local groups and faiths, including places of worship.

If you would like to join this group, please speak to the Head of Safeguarding and Well Being located at Langley College. Details below.

Quiet Room and Contemplation Facilities
Windsor Forest Colleges Group, as a secular organisation that respects the personal lives and personal choices of its users, recognises that some students and staff may wish to engage in quiet reflection, contemplation or prayer during college hours.

For this reason, quiet rooms are provided. These spaces are quiet, clean and clear areas accessible by students and staff of any religion or none, providing their use of the room does not create disruption, contradict college rules or values, or result in any inappropriate behaviour unrelated to contemplation or prayer. Beyond the provision of these quiet spaces, the College Group does not provide any equipment for contemplation or prayer, nor does it permit students to store items or documents in its quiet rooms. Students and staff are however able to take into the quiet room the items they need (for example, religious texts).

Quiet rooms are maintained and monitored to ensure they remain neutral, safe and accessible areas for all students and staff.

Guidance to provide clarity on the purpose and use of these rooms is available within the rooms and on the College Group’s virtual learning environments.

Quiet Rooms at the College are:

  • Room 21 at Langley College
  • Windsor College next to Reception
  • By arrangement at Strode’s College (Please speak to the Learners Services and Libraries Manager)

If you would like to discuss any matters relating to faith and belief, please contact the Head of Safeguarding and Wellbeing on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

College and British Values
The Windsor Forest Colleges Group aims to prepare its students for adult and/or working life and an understanding of College and British Values is a critical part of this education.

The Government requires colleges to promote and take forward key ‘British Values’, including through the curriculum and wider life of the College. The Government set out its definition of British Values in its Prevent Strategy.

British values are:

  • Democracy
  • The rule of law
  • Individual liberty
  • Equality and Mutual respect
  • Understanding and tolerance of other faiths and beliefs

The College Group seeks to promote British Values through a combination of work within the curriculum and wider activities and events across college. Our College values are underpinned by these British Values.

College values are:

  • Learners First - placing the learner at the heart of all we do
  • Community - working collaboratively to achieve
  • Empowering - enabling all in a caring environment to achieve their full potential
  • Excellence - a culture of creativity, high expectations, ambition and aspiration
  • Diversity - celebrating diversity and inclusivity as a key to our success
  • Integrity - honesty, openness and trust at the heart of College life
  • Respect - showing fairness, courtesy and mutual respect

We believe British values are essential for creating a strong community. We work hard to prepare students to be rounded and valuable members of society, equipped to play a positive and active role in Modern Britain.

We support students’ understanding of British values through our strong culture of mutual respect and through a student’s study programme, including the tutorial programme. We also celebrate the individuality of all our students and staff and promote understanding of the benefits of diversity.

The Colleges position on the Prevent Duty and British Values is set out in a College wide leaflet which is available to download here or at Student Services.

Prevent Duty and BV

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