Governance and Policies

Windsor Forest Colleges Group Corporation is the overarching body that governs Langley College, Strode's College and Windsor College. The Corporation was formed following the formal merger between East Berkshire College and Strode's College in Egham on 9 May 2017. The Corporation Board, which is a non-executive board, meets at key stages throughout the academic year.

For more information about the Corporation, its structure, meeting dates and agendas, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Higher Education Reports:


Audit Committee Board of Governors Curriculum and Quality Committee
Governance and Search Committee Policy and Resources Committee

Our Senior Leadership Team:

  • Kate Webb Kate Webb

    Group Principal & Chief Executive Officer

  • Graham Try Graham Try

    Deputy Chief Executive Officer

  • Rowan Cookson Rowan Cookson


  • Amanda Down Amanda Down

    Assistant Principal, Sixth Form

  • Juliet Holloway Juliet Holloway

    Assistant Principal, Marketing & Business development

  • Bernadette Joslin Bernadette Joslin

    Assistant Principal, Student Services

  • Richard Kirkham Richard Kirkham

    Assistant Principal, Further Education

  • Julie Shah Julie Shah

    Assistant Principal, Human Resources